Couple Christmas Goodies to Deliver Great Cheer!

Couple Christmas Goodies to Deliver Great Cheer!

Christmas food traditions around the world are vibrant and this is especially true with the varied Christmas foods found in the United States.  Elaborate meals are planned and built, from appetizers to main course, never forgetting desserts.  The goal, to ensure the entire experience flows from one food to the next, appreciated and enjoyed.  During this time, turkeys, hams, prime ribs and more are main dish favorites.  The different preparations make your mouth water just with the thought of them.  In fact it was Henry VII who popularized stuffing the bird and pairing it with sweet glaze.  While the main course is sure to inspire some epic stories about stuffing our bellies, Christmas desserts are where many a baker and pastry maker spend their time during the holiday season!

Christmas cookies' deliciousness and chewy goodness are impossible to resist. These cute little blissful munchies are perfect for sharing and gifting; their shape and size lending to easy presentation. Cookies are loved by both kids and adults.  That’s why their always in high demand on the market shelves and holiday parties. There are different varieties of cookies but the traditional Christmas cookies are shaped in an array of holiday patterns with frosting and colorful sprinkles. Almost a dessert proxy for house lights and other holiday decorations. The time of year for the gobbling up of Christmas Trees, presents, snowflakes, and other fun shaped cookie deliciousness.

One of the most well-known Christmas cookie traditions is placing cookies and milk on the table for Santa and his reindeer to enjoy while he delivers gifts to homes. Parents established this cookie custom in the 1930s to help kids get through the tough times of the Great Depression by creating a fun environment. It appears that the purpose of spreading happiness, especially during the Christmas season, was accomplished. If cookies are the home made go to for delicious Christmas treats, then fruitcakes are the perennial but of holiday jokes yet can’t seem to go out of style.

In celebrating Christmas, there must always be something worth remembering to share with your friends or family. The sweet and musky treats are made with creative and unique presentations and other fruity tastes that are perfect for the holidays. Fruit cakes have been a Christmas tradition since the ancient times.  These original “cakes” were a plum porridge in molded form. This dessert also has historical notes as it is the "figgy pudding" being praised in "We wish you a Merry Christmas".

The varied tastes of fruit cakes make them a popular option for Christmas parties and dinner preparations. Fruitcakes come in different variants which are added with almonds, nut, candied or fresh fruits, and any chocolate variants as one of the ingredients. What makes the fruitcake a more suitable Christmas treat is its very festive appeal.  Although the candied fruits look like a festive marking on every slice. For those liking fruitcakes every bite of one is a truly ageless delight.


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